On the field, La Bougeotte is a micro-entreprise that provides activities to develop young children gross motor skills.

On the web, it helps professionals in early chilhood education, sport educators, parents or teachers by publishing articles and games related to gross motor skills. In that way, everybody can answer children’s need for movement 🙂

On this website, you will find two sections (1-3 yrs old and 3-6 yrs old) with games and activities, books to discover, scientific articles…to understand and support kid’s gross motor skills development.

My name is Ophélie, i’m a sport educator and entrepreneur since 2014. I created La Bougeotte to provide physical and sport activities to young children.


I’m lucky to work with early childhood professionals who wants to bring variety to their 1 to 3 years old gross motor activities. With 3 to 6 years old children, i do sports discovery activities and using play, i help them develop specific habilities so they can be ready and confident in sport later.

To be an entrepreneur for six years has brought me many wonderful professionals experiences and i have always tried to be better activities after activities. To optimise my lessons is a key in my work and it is based on several essentials that i believe in:

-To move freely and have multiple gross motor experiences at a young age allows to develop fundamentals gross motor skills necessay in sports but also in everyday life. To understand and feel your body is important to adapt in many situations and experiences in life.

-When kids have fundamentals gross motor skills, they can develop other specific habilities that will make them comfortable with their body, agile and coordinated (like orientation, reaction, balance…) So it is with full confidence they will start sports 🙂

-And above all, i’m a strong believer that having fun in playing and moving at a early age can encourage children to be active all their life !

Like a young kid, my micro-entreprise is growing up !

The first 3 years were the begining (the test) and made me discover and create a lot of activities and games. And i also started to learn how to manage a small compagny.

The 3 next years made me improve my field work in animation and how to be on the web. I took online courses to create my own website and discover how to make my online business work.

So now what? What’s next? 🙂

In 2020, i had the chance to obtain a working holiday programm to go to Canada 🙂 ! I can have a 2 years visa and right now i’m searching for a job as with the coronavirus, i need a job to enter the territory.

The goal of this trip will be to have relevant professionals experiences, to exchange learn and share my knowledge with different actors of sport and early childhood education.

It will also be the opportunity to develop an online activity and make La Bougeotte a real platform for a community of people that want like me to answer kid’s need of movement.

I will keep you posted here of my actuality and when i’ll be in Canada, i’ll dedicate a page for my trip.

Can’t wait to share that with you !